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Lion Crest® International is a brand, dedicated to bringing you; best quality sports apparel, providing clothes that are breathable, light, and soft yet durable.
The Lion Crest® sportswear brand endeavors to bring you fine clothes in all shapes and sizes, that last long and are machine washable, eco-friendly and quick-drying.
"I developed Lion Crest because I have always had a passion for design. I have always loved creating things but what I enjoy even more is making people happy with my work.
Nowadays everyone is trying to make a living with art, especially in combination with fashion, because it is the best way to build a connection to your audience.
What sets Lion Crest apart from other printed clothing is that we design and produce top of the range functional sports styles with high-tech and modern fabrics.
The people that buy Lion Crest aren't just consumers they are part of my 'pride' they are Lion Crest!
I hope that in the future we will closely work together with charity organizations because I feel everyone has the right to a healthy life and a healthy environment"
- Christian Busse
Founder of Lion Crest
Address Lion Crest®


c/o Christian Busse
Scheffelstr. 17
40470 Düsseldorf


Phone 0174-6755942
Inhaber Christian Busse
EU Tax identification number
USt-IdNr.: DE 287918028
Name der Bank: Deutsche Bank
IBAN: DE78300700240536562201
Kontoinhaber: Christian Busse