Imagine climbing to the top of a mountain, swimming your final lap, jumping over rooftops on a bike or by foot.
See yourself at the summit, splashing water, the people down below.
Feel the warmth of the sun on your face from the horizon, hands gliding through the waves, the breeze rushing by your face.
We all strive for that final moment, when we have achieved inner greatness, conquered our minds and bodies, whatever your passion may be, we all share the same ultimate goal. We all want to be the best. We want to best ourselves, and extend our full potential
At Lion Crest® we call this feeling of utmost warmth and ecstasy, which we want roar out to the world from the lowest depths to the highest heights of our lungs: "The Pride". 

Lion Crest® wants to be there with you, we want you to be part of the pride. The Lion Crest® wants to be there on your chest as you exert massive amounts of energy and adrenalin. Apparel so light and soft you will hardly feel it on your skin. Crafted from the finest fabrics available, to make you feel the best you possibly can, to be proud in any situation, for that extra push, that further iota of power, for the one final step.
Lion Crest® apparel is suited for any sporting activity! Lightweight, comfortable and stylish.